Buddha Bar

August 24, 2009

Posted by Ethereal

Last night, my friend and I popped down to the Buddha Bar in Victoria Embankment, London. I had never been there before but had heard about it from friends. In particular, the music, which has spawned many Buddha Bar albums.



As usual, I got lost on a straight road whilst using my BlackBerry GPS. After finally getting somewhere close to the Buddha Bar, my friend and I waltzed into the Swiss Hotel to ask for directions. Lovely hotel, cute concierge!

Finally, we reached Waterloo Bridge, where the bar is located. Buddha Bar is owned by George V Eatertainment, who are behind the infamous Sanctuary in Dubai and it does not disappoint. It was my friend’s birthday and we were on his guest list, which normally means that you are guaranteed entrance (by paying) whilst waiting in a queue for an hour. However, we got there at about 10.30pm and there wasn’t the usual queue. Instead, the entrance was guarded by friendly door staff. We were shocked. As we walked in (free), we were greeted by the enormous Buddha statue that was situated in the ground floor restaurant.

Here we are with the birthday boy!

Smiley times
Smiley times

The staff at the bar and the table were amazing too. However, it was the music that made the night. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that the best DJ played the best music I have ever heard. Arabic, Indian, Salsa, House and God knows what else were all infused into one continuous mix. There were no attitudes, no stupid sparkles and music that plays when you buy an extra large, overpriced bottle of Grey Goose Vodka.

However, the birthday boy did scold my friend for her obsession to…mineral water. Seriously, forget handbags or cars, she is obsessed to Figi and Voss. I know, crazy!

Vossin' it up

Vossin' it up

The night ended at a decent hour and we were able to walk to the car in peace, admiring the river and Somerset House, where the SHOWstudio exhibition will take place between 17th September until 20th December. I cannot wait. I first heard about the website in 2003 st university. It is run by world-renown photographer, Nick Knight and various prominent fashion industry experts.


Exciting times to come.


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