We Love Clothes

August 28, 2009

Posted by Ethereal

My best friend and I love shopping, period. As per usual, we went to our local high street, which we adore. We also dragged her boyfriend who was visiting from California. Poor thing. Our local haunts include Oxfam, Cancer Research, St. Christopher’s Hospice and Starbucks for a frappe.

Driving home from the gym, I often noticed a charity shop we hadn’t been visiting. So we decided to pay it a visit. Great idea that was. My friend found my Halloween costume! Slightly early, I know, but it was a bargain at £15. To be honest, we have not celebrated Halloween ever since we met each other. She grew up in California, so not celebrating the pagan festival is somewhat of a sin.

“Oh my God! I have found your Halloween costume. It is so cute for you,” she exclaimed loudly.

The dress

The dress

It is so pretty and fits like a glove. Whilst in the fitting room, my personal stylist/best friend grabbed every single pearl-like necklace the shop had and flung them into my hands. “Oh my God, you have your whole outfit. You can be Bridezilla!”

The lady at the till was ever so nice and told me that wedding gowns costing around £1000 are brought in and resold for a mere £50. There were none there at the time when we bought my “Bridezilla” costume but I can imagine the joy of finding one.

I love charity shops because as a student I feel I don’t earn enough to give to charity (which is a load of rubbish). But I feel better knowing that the money I spend makes a difference. I have spent £53 (£20 in H &M and Zara) this month, excluding my dress and five pearl-like necklaces. I gained one monochrome stripped sleeveless dress, one pink shirt, a pair of grey leggings, a tan belt and a pair of tight straight leg trousers. That is a shopping spree for me!

Interesting amalgamation of apparell

Interesting amalgamation of apparell

The point that I am trying to make is that it is not important how much you spend. Moreover, it is the love you have for the clothes. Everything I own I will repair, re-heel, stick back together and wear even if it falls apart. I have a four inch nail in one pair of my wooden sandals. I have torn my favourite dress thrice and my favourite flip flops have been to America, India (twice) Tunisia, Cyprus and Crete and are held together by superglue.

Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you, dammit!


One Response to “We Love Clothes”

  1. He who must not be named Says:

    Ah… is ‘thrice’ not a quite pulchritudinous word? I deem, only one with such a loquacious lexicon would be able to so aptly use it.

    Kindest regards, o sphinx.


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