I am in love

August 31, 2009

Posted by Ethereal

I am in love with a man I have never met nor seen in the flesh.

How absurd this may sound and I agree, it is true, I am utterly delusional. I remember the first time I laid eyes on him, I was probably four or five years old. I was in my parents bedroom and he was perched comfortably on my mother’s bookshelf underneath the window.

He sat in the same place, everyday. However, I never found looking at him prosaic. He remained alluring to me, even if he was cradling another woman in his tenacious embrace.

Captain Rhett Butler was his name. I only discovered this two years ago whilst travelling to Basingstoke on my daily one and a half hour morning commute.



I can honestly say that I cried when I finished reading the final page of Margaret Mitchell’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel. The film of Gone with the Wind did not disappoint me last night neither. I purchased the DVD for £5 over a year ago and it was worth every penny and then some.

Rhett Butler is everything I am looking for, everything I want my suitor to be if I lived in a perfect world. He has unfaltering strength and shows kindness to those who are shunned by society. He is charming, witty and intense. His presence is felt, he is the centre of attention when he walks in or out a room.

Simply dashing

Simply dashing

What I adore most about my fictitious beau is his paternal instinct. Nothing is more attractive than a man who openly shows and speaks about his adoration for his children. He lives like a vagabond, coming and going as he pleases but he openly holds on to the hope that his one true love, Scarlet, will yearn for him as he does her.

I could go one forever. I will be short and sweet, for a change.

I ♥ you Mr Butler.


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