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Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens

September 15, 2009
Peter Pan and Tiger Lilly

Ciaran Kellgren as Peter Pan and Amber Rose Revah as Tiger Lily

Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens is an amazing spectacle. The production had sinister and dark undertones, with a tinge erotica. That is probably why I loved it so. Peter Pan was topless during the entire performance, Tinker Bell was a covetous punk rock fairy and I found Tiger Lily extremely libidinous.

Tinkerbell and her tutuItxaso Moreno as Tinker Bell

The last performance in Kensington was on Sunday night. Thankfully due to its profound success, Peter Pan will be returning to Meridian Gardens at the o2 this  December until January 2010. The outdoor, 360 degree tent is an intimate setting, allowing the entire audience to be consumed by the production.

My London Tours and Darkaeon have some nice pictures, which I didn’t get the chance to take.

I checked the Visit London website and found out that William Dudley was the costume designer along with Marjorie Bailey. With over forty years experience in design, Dudley’s talent is evident. I found the disheveled effect of the costumes ever so empyreal as they didn’t have the polished finish I expected to see.

My Tinkerbell ensemble

My Tinker Bell ensemble

Obviously the costumes made me ponder. The result: a ballerina dress and grey leggings, plain white t-shirt and military boots. All I need are some fairy lights for accessories.

Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Tiger Lily photos from

One More Chance

September 2, 2009

I ♥ Bloc Party. So Should you.

Infused Indie, Punk and Dance never sounded so good.

I love music videos that aren’t about girls dancing around a set so they can screw the artist after shooting has finished. It is an art form, which is being mutilated by many artists who don’t utilise the medium constructively.

Bloc Party’s music video reminds me of my childhood with my cousin, making up dances and using a home made Ouija board. The young girls outfit is so cute. Maybe because it consists of grey, rose pink and white. I am gay for these colours right now.

So Seventies

So Seventies

I also love the way the woman looks in the white dress. So simple, yet beautiful. It reminds me of a vintage Halston gown.


Hello Treacle

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good print. The more vivacious the better, sometimes. Other times, I love the strength of a plain coloured silhouette. When I heard that the Halston fashion house was being revived, I was so overjoyed. Long have I starred at the green vintage ensemble at the V & A fashion collection.

Simplicity rocks!

Vinatge Halston

Sometimes the quotidian is far more interesting than the spectacle.

Halston gowns:, music video stills:

Around the World

September 1, 2009
The prettiest costumer by far

The prettiest costume by far

I went to the Notting Hill Carnival yesterday and I got a little tipsy to say the least. But I still managed to take this picture of this amazing costume. It is a pity the lady looks like she has a cat up her arse! She looks amazing, she should smile. Charming coming from me.

Here is a short video I took. Everyone was drunk and dancing around. It was an awesome day. My foot got trodden on a million times, I had to go toilet in people houses for a £1 charge (I had to even pee by a tree in a housing estate at one point), being crushed under peoples armpits and nearly ripping off my thumbnail I can still say I love carnival

There is no other country on this earth, not even the original Carnival in Rio, Brazil, where you will find such a plethora of people from a multitude of nationalities congregating in one area.I heard a float playing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I even saw an Asian lady in a sari standing on the stairs of a house (she might have been lost, I am not sure).

Nevertheless, all the people who say, “I won’t go to carnival, it is too dangerous,” are wrong. You can spot a trouble maker a mile away, just step out their way. London is the most exciting city in the world and I have wasted too long not enjoying it. London reminds me of the Daft Punk song “Around the World.” I have many friends who have grown up in different countries and speak different languages, it is this amalgamation of culture and hertiage that allows us to be better people. To have empathy for others and to understand the dynamics of different cultures.

Ben and I

My friend and I

My friend turns 25 today. I have known him since university and we have been good amigos ever since. Happy Day of Birth!

This is a video my friend took in 2007 at carnival when we dragged her little sister. Poor thing.

Jodhpur’s Gardens and Cosmos

August 22, 2009

Posted by Ethereal

I have been dying to see the Gardens and Cosmos exhibition at The British Museum since it opened in May. On Wednesday, I finally got the chance to go with my beloved Art Fund card, provided by my short-lived subscription to The Times.

Death of Vali - Illustration from the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas (1532–1623) Jodhpur

Death of Vali - Illustration from the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas (1532–1623) Jodhpur

The artwork is taken from the royal collection at the Mehrangarh Museum Trust, Jodhpur, India. My love affair with Jodphur only began a few years ago. On my last flight to Mumbai, I stole the Jet airways in-flight magazine. It displayed photographs from Amit Pasricha‘s book, The Monumental India Book. Through his photography, Pasricha creates 360 degree landscapes by combining a series of images. Amazing and breathtaking, yet these words still cannot express the beauty of his work.

Amit Pasricha's panoramic photograph of Mehrangarh

Amit Pasricha's panoramic photograph of Mehrangarh Fort

I tried to find the above photograph everywhere but to no avail. In the end, I managed to piece it together via my scanner and Photoshop. I am fortunate enough to be travelling to India in November with my cousin sister for a mini adventure. The city of Jodhpur is numero uno on my list. I was sad to find out that I missed Pasricha’s own exhibition at the Belgravia Gallery last October.

The later half of the Gardens and Cosmos exhibition showcases around 20 of Maharaja Man Singh’s (1803-1843) 1000 paintings depicting his devotion to the Nath and Hatha yoga traditions.

If you cannot visit Jodhpur anytime soon, don’t miss the exhibition at the The British Museum, which runs until 11th October 2009.