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I really dont want to write about this place…

September 10, 2009
I don'y endorse iPhones

I don't endorse iPhones

I started working at a mobile phone store when I started a Masters in Electronic Publishing last year as I knew that the job paid well (commission hungry bastards). I am intrigued by the interesting people I have met on this random corner in the heart of London.

A gem carver from New Zealand spoke to me of his love for a Mauritian woman he had fallen head over heels for. I sold a contract to a young and bashful athlete named Chris Clarke and yesterday I spoke to a man who was going to Cuba to celebrate his 40th birthday. He told me that he is visiting India in December to attend the Marballabh mela in Jalandhar with his tabla teacher. He was carrying the drums with him; the catalyst of the whole conversation. He also told me that he wanted to travel and learn to play as many different types of hand drums from around the world.

It made me think about my own life and what I want to achieve.

My shopping travels of the past week…

September 5, 2009

I finally went to Westfield this past weekend with my cousins from Leicester. I met them in Oxford Street’s Topshop, where I saw the sweetest cream, pink and grey dress, which I have no photographic evidence of. What a muppet! We hopped on to the central line after my cousins grabbed a Starbucks to go to the much hyped shopping mecca.

Gorgeous Cousins

Gorgeous Cousins

We walked around all the shops and to be honest I wasn’t really impressed. Maybe it is because I spend most of my time on town high streets looking for charity shops. The only shop I really wanted to visit was Kurt Geiger and it didn’t disappoint me at all!

Kurt Geiger Heaven

Kurt Geiger Heaven

I was looking for a particular pair of shoes that I had seen online. My friend had seen them in store and she said they didn’t look that nice. However, I disagree because this is what they looked like when I tried them on:

Hessa ♥

Hessa ♥

They were £140 now down to £99 (still out of my price range). The snake skin print, woven detail on the front and tassels are so cute. Plus, they are grey and white! My cousin bought these sexy shoe boots in navy suede. I ♥ suede shoes.

Rosh in Antonia

Rosh in Antonia

Yes, she also has amazing legs!

I spent some time walking around the shops of Croydon and I saw two very nice things. A emerald green skirt from H & M which had no bleeding lining and was £20. I could actually make it myself. Then a moment of genius, I went to Past Times and found a peacock broach, which I have been looking for since forever. I was reluctant to purchase it, because even £16 seems like a lot of money for me these days. I may change may mind though because my mother likes it also.



Kurt Geiger shop image from

Around the World

September 1, 2009
The prettiest costumer by far

The prettiest costume by far

I went to the Notting Hill Carnival yesterday and I got a little tipsy to say the least. But I still managed to take this picture of this amazing costume. It is a pity the lady looks like she has a cat up her arse! She looks amazing, she should smile. Charming coming from me.

Here is a short video I took. Everyone was drunk and dancing around. It was an awesome day. My foot got trodden on a million times, I had to go toilet in people houses for a £1 charge (I had to even pee by a tree in a housing estate at one point), being crushed under peoples armpits and nearly ripping off my thumbnail I can still say I love carnival

There is no other country on this earth, not even the original Carnival in Rio, Brazil, where you will find such a plethora of people from a multitude of nationalities congregating in one area.I heard a float playing Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I even saw an Asian lady in a sari standing on the stairs of a house (she might have been lost, I am not sure).

Nevertheless, all the people who say, “I won’t go to carnival, it is too dangerous,” are wrong. You can spot a trouble maker a mile away, just step out their way. London is the most exciting city in the world and I have wasted too long not enjoying it. London reminds me of the Daft Punk song “Around the World.” I have many friends who have grown up in different countries and speak different languages, it is this amalgamation of culture and hertiage that allows us to be better people. To have empathy for others and to understand the dynamics of different cultures.

Ben and I

My friend and I

My friend turns 25 today. I have known him since university and we have been good amigos ever since. Happy Day of Birth!

This is a video my friend took in 2007 at carnival when we dragged her little sister. Poor thing.