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One More Chance

September 2, 2009

I ♥ Bloc Party. So Should you.

Infused Indie, Punk and Dance never sounded so good.

I love music videos that aren’t about girls dancing around a set so they can screw the artist after shooting has finished. It is an art form, which is being mutilated by many artists who don’t utilise the medium constructively.

Bloc Party’s music video reminds me of my childhood with my cousin, making up dances and using a home made Ouija board. The young girls outfit is so cute. Maybe because it consists of grey, rose pink and white. I am gay for these colours right now.

So Seventies

So Seventies

I also love the way the woman looks in the white dress. So simple, yet beautiful. It reminds me of a vintage Halston gown.


Hello Treacle

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good print. The more vivacious the better, sometimes. Other times, I love the strength of a plain coloured silhouette. When I heard that the Halston fashion house was being revived, I was so overjoyed. Long have I starred at the green vintage ensemble at the V & A fashion collection.

Simplicity rocks!

Vinatge Halston

Sometimes the quotidian is far more interesting than the spectacle.

Halston gowns:, music video stills: