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I really dont want to write about this place…

September 10, 2009
I don'y endorse iPhones

I don't endorse iPhones

I started working at a mobile phone store when I started a Masters in Electronic Publishing last year as I knew that the job paid well (commission hungry bastards). I am intrigued by the interesting people I have met on this random corner in the heart of London.

A gem carver from New Zealand spoke to me of his love for a Mauritian woman he had fallen head over heels for. I sold a contract to a young and bashful athlete named Chris Clarke and yesterday I spoke to a man who was going to Cuba to celebrate his 40th birthday. He told me that he is visiting India in December to attend the Marballabh mela in Jalandhar with his tabla teacher. He was carrying the drums with him; the catalyst of the whole conversation. He also told me that he wanted to travel and learn to play as many different types of hand drums from around the world.

It made me think about my own life and what I want to achieve.