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Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens

September 15, 2009
Peter Pan and Tiger Lilly

Ciaran Kellgren as Peter Pan and Amber Rose Revah as Tiger Lily

Peter Pan at Kensington Gardens is an amazing spectacle. The production had sinister and dark undertones, with a tinge erotica. That is probably why I loved it so. Peter Pan was topless during the entire performance, Tinker Bell was a covetous punk rock fairy and I found Tiger Lily extremely libidinous.

Tinkerbell and her tutuItxaso Moreno as Tinker Bell

The last performance in Kensington was on Sunday night. Thankfully due to its profound success, Peter Pan will be returning to Meridian Gardens at the o2 this  December until January 2010. The outdoor, 360 degree tent is an intimate setting, allowing the entire audience to be consumed by the production.

My London Tours and Darkaeon have some nice pictures, which I didn’t get the chance to take.

I checked the Visit London website and found out that William Dudley was the costume designer along with Marjorie Bailey. With over forty years experience in design, Dudley’s talent is evident. I found the disheveled effect of the costumes ever so empyreal as they didn’t have the polished finish I expected to see.

My Tinkerbell ensemble

My Tinker Bell ensemble

Obviously the costumes made me ponder. The result: a ballerina dress and grey leggings, plain white t-shirt and military boots. All I need are some fairy lights for accessories.

Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Tiger Lily photos from